Build to Operate

Drive manufacturing execution efficiency to reach optimal production rates.

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Over the next decades, airline fleet modernization and aircraft retirement will continue to feed the growth of commercial aviation. This drives the need for continuous improvement of both new and existing production lines.

Build to Operate built on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, accelerates meeting production targets and increases manufacturing capacity. The solution offers aerospace Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers the ability to implement lean practices, integrate new technologies and meet demand without sacrificing either quality or schedule.

For Aerospace and Defense companies, Build to Operate, based on DELMIA® Apriso, offers Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) capabilities to monitor, control and validate all aspects of manufacturing with digital precision throughout their supply chain on a global scale.

Benefits of Build to Operate

  • Lean manufacturing delivered

    Obtain full visibility and control of shop floor processes.

  • Certify as you build

    Decrease installation and assembly cycle time by delivering the right instructions at the right time.

  • Agile planning and scheduling

    Enable OEMs and suppliers to deliver at rate with finite capacity planning and scheduling for assembly activities, primary parts and MRO.

  • Real-time detection and avoidance of quality risks

    Continually monitor composite processes to identify areas of improvements.

  • Lean supply delivered

    Centrally manage and monitor the quality disposition and flow of material to warehouse, staging and production lines.

Build to Operate

Build to Operate provides the Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) capabilities needed to implement lean practices to monitor, control and validate all aspects of manufacturing with digital precision on a global scale.

Success story

Airbus Helicopters: On the Road to Manufacturing Excellence

Airbus Helicopters, a division of Airbus Group, provides the most efficient civil and military helicopter solutions worldwide. To stay ahead of the competition, Airbus Helicopters launched a Manufacturing Operation Management (MOM) project to address primary components machining, sub-system assembly and final assembly lines.

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