Build to Target

Agile planning and scheduling.

The nature of aerospace and defense manufacturing requires engineers and technicians to manage large volumes of data. To run efficiently, all participants and partners involved in a program must be in synch. Systems Integrators, Tier 1 suppliers, propulsion manufacturers and components manufacturers  benefit from advanced planning and scheduling software.

Build to Target, a DELMIA ORTEMS application for aerospace & defense manufacturers offers total visibility of a program.  Better planning of complex multi-level production processes including managing multiple factories with differing constraints and trades (structural, mechanical, composites, assembly, electronics, etc.) and forecast planning and scheduling variances.

Build to Target digital manufacturing planning optimizes production lines, manages backlogs, enables realistic commitments for new orders, and ensure inventories of all required parts and materials. The digital transformation of advanced planning replaces paper, spreadsheets and teams working in silos. Instead, all stakeholders (program managers, procurement, supply chain, production and engineering) collaborate and share the same view of production and schedules.