Aircraft Community Noise

State-of-the-art aeroacoustic simulation to identify aircraft noise sources

Simulation of aircraft noise sources enables noise considerations early in the design process when noise reduction concepts can still be easily included. Current empirical and semi-empirical methods rely on database, analytic analogies and simplified assumptions that do not take into account the full complexity of the aircraft noise generation mechanisms and the interaction between the various components.  Even wind tunnel tests can only provide a limited assessment of simplified components and cannot easily assess the interaction between noise sources, e.g. landing gear/flap, and jet noise/wing at realistic conditions. Traditionally therefore, noise is evaluated conclusively during flight tests which is already at a late design phase and is associated with high costs and risks of late-design changes and potential delays.

Aircraft Community Noise on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform enables the analysis of all aircraft noise sources early in the design process to include noise targets in preliminary and detail design phases to determine the environmental impact. It helps to identify potential for noise reduction concepts. 

Aircraft Community Noise also provides ground noise maps to ensure ability to meet airport specific community noise level target.