Systems & Equipment Engineering

Reduce program costs, improve schedules.

Engineering leaders strive to find new ways of working to meet the challenge of designing reliable, cost efficient systems and equipment more quickly. Compounding the challenge, advancements in technology, systems complexity continues to grow.

Development challenges such as design synchronization, data management, and optimized manufacturing can be solved by replacing serial product development with co-evolution processes.

Systems & Equipment Engineering, part of the Co-Design to Target solution, allows multi-disciplinary collaboration across engineering (Mechanical Design, Systems Design, Electrical Design, etc.) to accelerate product definition quality. One Functional Digital Mock-up (F-DMUs) provides a 3D virtual prototype so that product design, manufacturing and support engineers to work together.  The F-DMU allows engineers to work together to design, configure, validate and plan for the manufacturing of complex products and without ever needing to build a physical model.