Passenger Experience

Stand-out from the competition with customized, cost-efficient and certified cabin experiences.

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Enjoying record demand estimated at over 43,000 new aircraft for the next 20 years, commercial and business aviation manufactures and airlines must still navigate increased competition, rising costs and increasing regulatory and engineering certification requirements to be successful.

Manufacturers pursuing an advantage, seek to transform every aspect of design, production and delivery while driving efficiencies and customization to remain competitive.

Aerospace manufacturers are also improving the inflight cabin experience through embracing open innovation, co-creation or mass-customization to deliver personalized services and products.

Passenger Experience provides a platform combining emotion and automation across engineering, manufacturing and certification processes to allow completion centers to deliver personalized cabin interiors profitably. By extending digital continuity to sales and marketing, aerospace companies can define engaging new experiences and simply create realistic visual assets to drive new sales.

Benefits of Passenger Experience

  • Personalize the cabin experience

    Reduce engineering costs in cabin completion by up to 60 percent with Passenger Experience through engineering, manufacturing and certification processes automation.

  • Personalize the marketing experience

    Increase brand perception and reduce content creation by 45 percent using Passenger Experience for all passenger touch points for sales and marketing.

Passenger Experience

Passenger Experience drives revenue by personalizing the buying experience with high-end 3D visualization throughout the sales cycle and automating the cabin personalization processes.