Plan Passenger Space

Improve sales execution with an integrated master plan and schedule.

Simplify managing customer relationships and complex enterprise operations by aligning teams. Integrate business functions (e.g., finance, contracts, engineering and manufacturing) to sell product more efficiently.

Unexpected situations that occur during the sale execution process such as supplier delays, late customer change requests or technical issues, impact cost and on-time delivery. Establishing collaboration across the critical teams involved and close loop decision making allows companies to manage these unexpected events. With a better view of customer projects, there are less unexpected events and as a result, less negative customer interactions.

Plan Passenger Space, allows companies to establish collaborative planning across functions (including customer-facing functions) and their extended enterprise. With the solution, users integrate the Master Plan and Schedule into the sales execution process resulting in less surprises and improved customer interactions.

According to AMR Research, Plan Passenger Space offers the opportunity to:

  • Increase productivity 20% - 30%

  • Increase customer service ratings 5% - 10%

  • Increase production efficiency 20% to 30%