Additive Manufacturing

Author, simulate and optimize the additive manufacturing process

Additive Manufacturing makes it possible to author and optimize the additive process, providing a 3D environment for studying and designing the material architecture for different additive manufacturing (AM) products. This 3DEXPERIENCE® platform connects design, manufacturing and simulation to prepare design parts for 3D Printing by automatically generating optimal supports once the printing resource has been defined, simulating machine-specific scan paths and generating programs in native format using machine-specific parameters. 

Thanks to a seamless integration between manufacturing and multi-physics simulation, part distortions can be predicted as well as residual stresses and as-built material behavior defined by simulating the virtual print process to improve overall quality during the printing process. KPIs can also be reviewed such as total print time, print costs and feedback can be provided back to engineering for better print performance. Post-print treatments can also be simulated with progressive element removal technologies to verify the full end to end process. 

This will enable the first time quality of 3D printed parts and the efficient use of machine and material.  

Q&A - Shaping The Future of Additive Manufacturing in A&D
A panel of Dassault Systèmes experts have gathered to answer some of the most pressing questions about how the industry can unlock the true power of additive manufacturing by producing at large scale with high quality.