Part Fabrication Process Engineering

Leverage 3D design data to create, visualize and document manufacturing plans and work instruction for the part fabrication process

Part Fabrication companies who are responsible for the industrialization process have to deliver all necessary data to the shop floor to result in the optimal product build. 

Part Fabrication Process Engineering helps engineers to define repeatable manufacturing plans and work instructions to deliver each as-specified part, per the engineering design to accelerate new product introduction (NPI). Manufacturing Engineers can compare make-buy decisions, supplier specifications and cost targets to make the most cost effective decision. Traceability from the EBOM to the MBOM can be compared, verified and consumed easily to expedite any change processes to improve overall productivity and release those changes quickly to the manufacturing floor. Finally, engineers are able to design tooling and fixtures for the manufacturing resources.

Part Fabrication Process Engineering allows companies to manage global fabrication characteristics, deliver consistency, and formalize know-how.