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  2. Plant & Production Line Layout pre-study

Plant & Production Line Layout pre-study

Design, validate and optimize the manufacturing process and resources of factory layout

Plant & Production Line Layout pre-study provides a collaborative approach to enable assembly validation of the product design in the context of a new or existing factory layout. 

By utilizing the virtual twin of the factory early in the process, accuracy can be improved by virtual validation of plant and/or production line design. Process plan sequencing can be reused and verified with all required resources and physical movement of production, material flow and resource locations. Equipment commissioning constraints and issues can be anticipated through simulations and overall risk minimized by simulating the dynamic behavior of production scenarios with workers, fixed and mobile equipment, machines and tools. Costs can be saved by reducing idle times, number of required workers and costly equipment through “what-if analysis” and factory flow simulation utilizing the 3D modeling capabilities.

Thanks to the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, manufacturers are able to ensure capability of new product introduction in existing layouts by using existing equipment and tooling or in a new layout to increase competitiveness, improve transparency to plan, validate, simulate more and faster, and increase coverage of validated production scenarios.