Robot Programming & Simulation

Create, simulate, program & validate the 3D cell layouts, devices and robotic work cells

The automation of Aerospace & Defense production processes are opening doors for new robotic processes such as arc welding, spot welding, material handling, painting, machining, shot peening, polishing and painting applications. Capital investments and impacts to manufacturing can be reduced by virtually designing and validating these new robotic systems. Virtual commissioning can be implemented to design, install or test the control software within a virtual machine before even connecting to the real system to verify accurate execution of the programs.  

Robot Programming & Simulation can verify and transform the structured traditional assembly lines to a flexible and highly efficient automated robotic line to handle multiple manufacturing processes to improve quality and overall efficiencies in the product build. A major advantage of this simulation solution is the offline programming (OLP) capability, which allows the company to accurately program its robotic systems without tying up physical resources on the factory floor. The solution also supports functionality such as cooperative programming, collision detection, reach analysis, and workcell layout.