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Inspiring New Horizons in Aerospace & Defense

Accelerate programs from "concept to takeoff" by up to 50%


Greater competition in aerospace

Competition in aerospace is heating up across all segments of the industry. Emerging markets are entering the global arena with locally produced aircraft. Startups and private companies are leapfrogging governmental agencies in space while others are reinventing the air travel experience.

In order to win new business or risk losing market share, companies of all sizes must accelerate the bid process and ensure on time and on target delivery, They must also hold the line on costs, while managing more complex supply chains and systems.

Optimizing bids to win new business:

Picto > Remote Centers > Dassault Systèmes®
Efficiently and effectively coordinate bid development efforts across multiple organizations.
Picto > Design Optimization > Dassault Systèmes®
Optimize design options to best meet requirements, cost constraints and schedule.
Picto > Visibility > Dassault Systèmes®
Improve predictability to deliver on time, on budget and on specification to avoid significant penalties.
Picto > Proposal Compilation > Dassault Systèmes®
Present proposals in a compelling way, demonstrate mission success and prove they can deliver.

Optimize bids to increase revenue

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows companies to optimize bid proposals while dramatically reducing the risk. Aerospace companies can explore and simulate a 1000 times the concepts with the same resources as today. Now they can understand the trade-offs between different concepts to optimize the experience while delivering on time, on target, and on cost.

Bid proposals can also be presented virtually without the cost of expensive prototypes. Not only does this present proposals in a compelling way, but proves that it can be delivered.

Success story

Developing a complex system in half the time

Georgia Institute of Technology uses Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE® platform as its virtual prototyping environment to cut the cost and development time of complex systems.

Aerospace & Defense Industry > Georgia Institute of Technology > Dassault Systèmes®

“As systems make up the products, it’s very important that we don’t just think about shape, but we also consider the complexity of the systems and how they fit into the overall design.”

Simon Briceno
Research Engineer, Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory, Georgia Institute of Technology

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