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Concept Human Factors Modeling & Simulation

Innovative products with multi-scale, multiphysics approach on human factors

Modeling the human as a system because engineers are themselves human does not mean human factors are just common sense. Human factors are concerned to optimize the relationship between people and their activities, by the systematic application of human sciences, integrated within the framework of systems engineering. It is a transversal activity with consequent organizational problems inside companies, appears resource intensive and is not well understood.

Concept Human Factors Modeling & Simulation enables a systematic and multi-scale process from organic cells to operational stakeholders to consider all possible human factors during the concept phase. Modeling of the human and simulating the human and its interactions with hardware, software, environment and other humans is facilitated with organs libraries, human-centric systems engineering, human-centered design, human perception (raytracing/rendering) and virtual reality.

Thanks to the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform and the connection to other Industry Process Experiences, the activities of human factors as a “specialty engineering” are very well integrated with the rest of the engineering processes.