Concept Synthesis

A digital thread for collaboration in extended enterprise with traceability & analytics

During conceptual phase, the design solutions that are specified must meet the stakeholder needs. These solutions will move forward into preliminary and detailed phases and therefore any mistake done early will impact the program performance. Having the overview of the overall traceability from needs to design is critical for the architects to assess consistency and completeness of the engineering work and the design intent. To add on this complexity, disciplines often work in silos and the tool chain is heterogeneous.

Concept Synthesis powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform provides powerful capabilities for the architects to integrate third party/legacy tools and achieve digital data continuity in extended enterprise, impact analysis and template-based report generation. 

Among the different data gathered by the engineering teams, a built-in analytics solution in Concept Synthesis is available to make better business decisions through real-time interactive progress and program analytics.