Concept Systems Modeling & Simulation

Model-based, systematic approach to define increasingly complex systems at concept level

Over time, systems engineering practices have demonstrated risk and cost savings for companies that have implemented it on their increasingly complex products, either at department level or at enterprise level. On the other hand, they have ended-up with many different tools used by different teams operating in silos. Traceability of design intent and digital continuity of data was hard to maintain, and communication between the extended team was not facilitated.

Combined with Systems Operational Concept at system of systems level, Concept Systems Modeling & Simulation on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform enables a model-based systems engineering approach at systems level to rapidly model, simulate and validate complex concepts. It integrates the different disciplines around an authoritative single source of truth, and features CAMEO/No Magic, SysML modeling techniques and Modelica language for an efficient architecture & behavior modeling & simulation activities.

Operational efficiency of the systems architects and collaboration at enterprise level are therefore greatly enhanced.