Multi-disciplinary Trade-off Analysis

Accelerate innovation through multi-disciplinary design exploration & trade-off analysis

Modern systems are the pinnacle of complex technology integration. However, the cost of developing these systems in terms of design time, testing, and financial investment has grown significantly over the past half-decade. Furthermore, systems complexity and the resulting cost of development has far outpaced the methodologies and techniques used in their design. 

Multi-disciplinary Trade-off Analysis on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform enables collaboration on architecture & conceptual design to meet conflicting customer performance targets. Sensitivity analyses and what-if scenarios are orchestrated to evaluate reliability & robustness of concepts, integrating cost & manufacturing models early in the development process. Product managers and architects will get confidence that the selected architecture, alternative or solution is the best concept to move forward into development regarding overall performance.

Multi-disciplinary Trade-off Analysis also provides understanding of potential profitability of product in bidding process at early concept phase, reduces engineering cycle time per iteration and accelerates innovation.