Systems Operational Concept

Robust and intuitive mission engineering with SysML standard

Understanding the breadth of a problem and then specifying the right solution is difficult. Moving away from products towards platforms multiplies the interfaces between actors and explodes the number of possible variations to solve the problem. Is it viable to develop a solution that will be resilient even before problems are identified?

To tackle this complexity, a system of systems approach is required. SysML (Systems Modeling Language) and the different architecture frameworks are the preferred ways to successfully implement it. Combined with simulation capabilities, architecture trade-offs and performance assessments are critical to solving issues early in the program phase.

Integrating to the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, Systems Operational Concept includes CAMEO from No Magic to achieve a robust and intuitive mission engineering at system of systems level, compliant with industry standards : UAF (Unified Architecture Framework),  UPDM (DoDAF, MoDAF), NAF.