Architecture is integral to life and society. Shaping today's built environment requires an integration of transparency, efficiency, cohesion and craftsmanship.

Replace Problem-Solving with Future Testing

"Future-Testing" lets AECO teams anticipate issues before they become problems, take advantage of innovative ideas, and gain a competitive edge.

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Become Irreplaceable to Project Owners

Tell the story of the build like never before. Traditional design methods make it difficult for owners to truly envision and understand the final project deliverables. When you give owners pure visibility into projects and communicate openly and transparently, you inspire trust and generate confidence that what they expect is what they’ll get. Facilitating sound decision making across the entire project team offers additional value to owners, ensuring optimal outcomes at every step of the project.

We’re giving visibility to what we’re thinking, what we’re designing and what it’s going to look like. It gives our customers a level of comfort and confidence that 2D drawings absolutely can’t do.

Shannon Cole
Senior Project Engineer, Zahner
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Modernize Your Craft

Modern tools and the digitization of knowledge are revolutionizing how we construct the built environment. Infrastructure designers, engineers, and construction teams are achieving unprecedented levels of precision and control. And the results are astounding.

Advanced design tools enable rapid iterations and expand the realm of possibilities. Effective collaboration systems allow downstream supply chain partners to contribute valuable input early in the process.

We worked with our supplier to develop a BIM specifically for civil engineering that is perfect for visualizing roads, bridges and tunnels. It demonstrates our design concepts and offers precision in our presentation, even for minor features.

Junwei Wu
Deputy Director, BIM Center, Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute
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Maximize Performance to Achieve Speed, Efficiency & Accuracy

The project-based nature and fragmentation of the industry makes it difficult for AEC teams to standardize on a single platform and efficiently share data. Plus, competitive bidding practices and functional silos lead to padded estimates and poor outcomes.

A more scientific process for construction requires dissecting traditional industry practices and rethinking assumptions about collaboration, execution and information. Innovations like prefabrication, 4D modeling and real-time project management tools are empowering teams to build it once and build it right.

The simulation was really an important tool for the entire team to analyze the assembly of the full structure and all the components of the building and find the fastest way to do it and the most optimized way to deliver the project.

Javier Glatt
Co-founder and CEO, CadMakers
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Achieve Cohesion Across All Project Stakeholders

Each AEC project brings a new combination of team members. Communicating and collaborating effectively across widely dispersed, multi-national, multilingual teams is challenging. It’s critical to openly share and accurately convey data across all project contributors and to convert information to be relevant and coherent to each discipline. Taking a holistic approach to the project and referencing a visualization of the outcome as a whole helps to keep everyone in sync.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables for this evolutionary process because it is a flexible and open platform.

Chris Sharples
Founding Partner, SHoP Architects

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