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Be Irreplaceable

Inspire owners by inviting them into collaborative 3D environments with architecture, engineering and construction professionals, for project visibility, and to facilitate sound decision making.

Face new challenges

Communicate openly and transparently

Architecture, engineering and construction professionals are driven by validation from project owners of the value they add to the project. It is important to build professional respect, trust, and credibility with owners.

Owners would like to foresee project planning and status more openly and transparently. However, traditional design and construction methods are difficult to envision what final construction project deliveries are.

The latest technologies could provide owners with the ability to:

Have visibility at every step of the project

Have confidence in what they get on project completion

Collaborate and review in 3D enabling them to visualize the outcome

Be on time, on budget, and deliver an excellent living experience

Adopt the strategy

Build confidence and trust using 3D innovation

Forward thinking companies are adopting Future Testing Innovation which leverages 3D for continually improving performance, by digitally capturing and re-using the lessons learned while doing the work.

Future Testing Innovation builds confidence and trust by showing that you can anticipate issues and opportunities in advance, yet still adapt to inevitable changes as they occur, with speed and precision to realize your vision, while eliminating waste. It enables you to keep construction project visibility for owners.

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Tell the story "it is buildable"

Zahner use the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, to provide their owners with interaction and visibility into their design, giving them a level of comfort knowing there is no risk that their projects are buildable.

Zahner Video - 04:13

Our company has been using Building Information Modeling and digital definition to improve transparency that reduces errors through a leaner, more streamlined construction process.

L. William Zahner
President and CEO, ZAHNER

Modernize Craftsmanship

Modern technology tools and digitizing knowledge is revolutionizing the art and science of building by allowing architecture, engineering and construction professionals to gain precision and control

Face new challenges

Bridge the gap leveraging 3D digital continuity

Traditional design, manufacturing, and construction business processes are fragmented and often cause rework and inefficiency. The modern BIM technology enables architecture, engineering and construction professionals to bridge the gap leveraging the processes of 3D digital continuity.

The advanced BIM platform enables unmatched construction process simulation and optimization capabilities, 4D modelling, and real-time project management tools that help identify and fix issues before they blow the budget, or stop on-site progress.

The latest technologies could help architecture, engineering and construction professionals:

Enable greater precision and control by 3D modelling

Communicate closely and accurately across multiple disciplines

Preserve accurate design intentions for downstream processes

Increase velocity and efficiency thanks to parametric tools

Adopt the strategy

Provide value and innovation upstream and downstream

Suppliers are not immune to the inefficiency of rework. They work independently, digitally disconnected from the architects’ and engineers’ output. They duplicate information from others’ models and drawings to develop digital designs, which is wasteful and can introduce errors.

The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform let architects, engineers and suppliers provide more value and innovation upstream. In addition, it will help them execute coordination, communication, and logistics control with the contractor.

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Digital craftsmanship for multi-disciplines

The integrated BIM platform provides SHoP Architects with a real-time, up-to-date view of project information that enables stakeholders to make timely decisions, collaborate better, and enhance innovation.

Shop Video - 03:33

We would not be able to attain the level of control and detail required to complete the Botswana Innovation Hub project without the 3DEXPERIENCE technologies.

John Cerone
Associate principal at SHoP Architects

Maximize Performance

The architecture, engineering and construction industry needs to change the game, companies need to use advanced technology and a new approach for maximizing performance.

Face new challenges

Optimize for speed, efficiency, and accuracy

Architecture, engineering and construction is a project-based business and competition is fierce for winning work. Industry fragmentation makes it difficult to standardize on a single platform to efficiently share data. Plus, competitive bidding practices and functional silos lead to padded estimates and poor outcomes.

The advanced BIM platform enables unmatched construction process simulation and optimization capabilities, 4D modelling, and real-time project management tools that help identify and fix issues before they blow the budget, or stop on-site progress.

The latest technologies could help architecture, engineering and construction professionals:

Optimize for speed, efficiency, and accuracy in a virtual world

Deliver optimally in the physical world

Reduce costs, minimize risk, and build it right the first time

Build things right the first time

With Future Testing Innovation, construction is the realization of the virtual building through the execution of the virtual build process. Leveraging precise 3D models allows for remote fabrication and assembly on site, improving cost and speed.

Contractors can build things right the first time to reduce waste of both time and money because issues have been anticipated and designed out of the process. Likewise, pre-validated construction and installation processes allow the trades to act with speed when executing without interfering with each other.

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Break down the traditional construction process into a more scientific manufacturing process

CadMakers helped design TallWood House at the University of British Columbia (UBC), an 18 story mass-timber building. They leveraged Future Testing approaches. In fact, the 20-month total project was complete three and a half months ahead of schedule.

CadMakers Video - 03:35

The simulation was really an important tool for the entire team to analyze the assembly of the full structure and all the components of the building

Javier Glatt
Co-founder and CEO, CadMakers

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