1. Banking and Financial Markets

Banking and Financial Markets

Digitize your business to address regulatory requirements and enable upstream thinking. Free up time for customer centric innovation to address changing customer demands.

The Promises and Pitfalls of Digitization

458 asset and wealth managers provide insight on how digital innovation is bound to radically change their industry 


Strengthen governance and controls

Faced with increased regulatory burden, changing customer demands and legacy systems, financial institutions are challenged to increase compliance and control costs.

By digitizing the entire business value chain, you can transform the way you manage clients, products and data with real-time, actionable insights and lifecycle management. Successfully implemented in highly regulated businesses like Life Sciences, digitization turns regulatory burden into a competitive advantage. It enables the development of solutions tailored for mass customization - increasing competitive advantage and sustainable growth.

MiFID II is a catalyst to enhance the quality of services because it promotes faster development of services

Angelique Angervall
Program Manager MIFID II & IDD, Swedbank

Decisions informed by customer centricity

Digitization is emerging as a key technology ‘disruptor’, helping financial institutions increase revenues and address mass customization and changing customer demands.

By digitizing and automating processes throughout the entire product lifecycle, institutions can maximize efficiencies to free up time and create a culture of collaborative innovation, tailoring solutions to customer needs. This in turn drives a faster time to market and results in a significant competitive advantage.


Faster time to market

With a stagnant global economy and reduced natural revenue streams, it’s even more of an imperative for financial institutions to be first to market to gain a greater percentage of assets. Digitization, the new heartland of technology, strengthens process automation and digitizes the entire product life cycle, increasing efficiencies, reducing operational costs and accelerating time to market. Strong leadership is also key, helping institution move away from legacy systems as well as legacy thinking.

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