1. Competitive Dynamics Landscape

Competitive Dynamics Landscape

In a fiercely competitive and fragmented market, how can you gain competitive advantage?

Deliver superior customer service with improved efficiencies and scalability

Leverage the latest Technologies

Logistics companies must leverage the latest technologies in order to survive in an increasingly competitive landscape. With the growth of E-commerce, there’s a greater demand for international transport, as companies increase foreign sales of goods whilst postal companies/large express delivery can contract with online retailers to provide door-to-door delivery services. It’s more critical than ever to optimize logistics and workforce operations at every step of the value chain to improve efficiencies, scalability and deliver superior customer service rather than lose market share.

Optimize one overall goal function

With the latest technology, you can optimize one overall goal function - including multi-modal, chartering, cross-docking and order splitting to achieve the business goals - facilitating trade-offs between various potentially conflicting business goals, e.g. delivery performance, total distance traveled and number of resources used. All options are considered, including multimodal, chartering, cross-docking and order splitting to achieve the business goals. Using continuous optimization, changes in the environment are taken into account, e.g. new orders or feedback on the day of execution.

delivery efficiency
Deliver superior customer service with greater efficiency, reliability and speed when picking up and delivering shipments
remote centers
Improve competitive positioning through value network
planning visibility
Gain full visibility and control over the entire strategic planning and optimization process to strengthen network capacity management globally
Align all stakeholders on the plan with a flexible and integrated platform to realize cost efficiencies

Optimize operations to improve customer service and realize cost savings

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables you to optimize logistics throughout the supply chain. By harnessing the power of a single platform to digitize your operations, YOU CAN  realize cost efficiencies and improve end-to-end service quality. With leaner operation and more effective capacity management, deliver superior customer service, increase sustainability and drive revenue growth. All options are considered, including multimodal, chartering, cross-docking and order splitting to achieve the business goals. 

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