Drive smarter customer service and product development decisions to detect brand sentiment and a complete view of the customer across structured and unstructured channels.

Unify & aggreate data to drive customer retention

Aggregate and distill internal, external, structured and unstructured data to gain 360° customer insight to drive customer retention


Regain customer trust to reduce churn

The insurance industry grapples with product complexity, distribution challenges, demographic shifts, commoditization and ever-changing regulation. Regaining customer trust is key to foster brand loyalty and revenue growth.

By embracing digital transformation, using the 3D Customer Intelligence platform, insurance companies gain a holistic view of the customer across structured and unstructured data. These insights enrich the customer experience and allow organizations to swiftly identify customer centric topics, enabling better customer service and informed product development decisions.

80% of French people said poor customer service would make them change insurance company or a purchase

BVA and Viséo Conseil
Customer Survey

Aggregate and unify data

By aggregating and unifying structured and unstructured data, 3D Customer Intelligence brings together the contents of your CRM, internal data systems and web data in a single interface that delivers a 360° view of your customers in real time. This innovative, user-friendly, intuitive and collaborative application facilitates seamless interaction between you and your customers.

By using a Big Data solution we can look for, restore and aggregate data in a very flexible and efficient way

Olivier Renard
Chief Information Officer, La Poste Mobile

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