Intelligent Logistics

Optimize Planning in Real Time

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Time-sensitive operations like express logistics require quick decision-making. They need the agility to react in real time to the rise and fall in requests, logistics variability, disruptions and changes — and the robustness to do so with minimal effects on the plan or on costs.

Optimization technology that can balance these variables simultaneously ― and deliver the highest quality solution right at the moment it is needed ― is the key to a lasting competitive advantage.

While speed and quality are critical, true optimization goes beyond merely striking a balance between the two. True optimization delivers an overall solution that is of a higher quality within a shorter period of time. It benefits your organization across all planning horizons, at all times. In fact, true optimization has proven to improve bottom lines by as much as 10% to 20%.

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Benefits of Intelligent Logistics

  • Real time and dynamic optimization

    Create optimal plans that respond to real life events faster than ever

  • Decision-making visibility

    Fully transparent planning and optimization ensure service-level agreements are met and deliveries made on-time and in-full

  • Operational efficiency

    Using a single software that supports end-to-end supply chain planning empowers planners with the control, speed and accuracy necessary to make optimal plans

  • Planning Performance

    Plans are visualized with relevant key performance indicators and are continuously updated and re-optimized

  • Contribute toward a sustainable world

    Reduce instances of empty miles which in turn reduce overall operational costs and your carbon footprint

Intelligent Logistics- Optimize planning in real time

Intelligent Logistics builds agility into the logistics supply chain from first to last mile to keep you securely at the top of your space, despite increasing competition. It supports critical decisions with powerful optimization technology and adapts to your business reality and operations.