1. Intelligent Product Governance

Intelligent Product Governance

Digitize processes, increase collaboration and mitigate risk

available on premise

Intelligent Product Governance is a comprehensive collaborative lifecycle management solution that reduces operational risk and complexity, while strengthening governance and controls. It increases transparency and accountability, enabling faster idea generation, innovation and reduced time to market. The solution helps to increased revenue and operational efficiency, diminishing compliance costs and operational risk.

Intelligent Product Governance enables automated and structured project and process lifecycle management, giving centralized control and real-time visibility. Its dynamic dashboards and analytics facilitate a full view across all dependencies, stakeholders and KPIs. The solution is underpinned by robust end-to-end control document management and all on a single, global collaborative platform, creating a single source of truth for all related data.

Benefits of Intelligent Product Governance

  • Centralized Data: Increased Control and Transparency

    Having a single source of truth allows customers to improve business processes, reduce costs, and strengthen data governance by connecting unstructured data to structured business processes.

  • Improved Collaboration to Increase Efficiencies

    Collaborate effortlessly with globally distributed teams across time zones, enabled via templatized processes and easy information sharing.

  • Reduced Operational Risk and Compliance Costs

    Reduce operational risks via the inbuilt 'invisible' governance and decrease compliance costs by making use of the automatically generated comprehensive audit trail.

  • Optimize Decision Making Processes with Real Time KPIs

    By using KPI dashboards, customers can access their success indicators in real time and make better informed decisions.

A Single Collaborative Platform for Intelligent Product Governance

Gain a vital competitive edge through customer centric fund innovation. Digitize your processes, mitigate operational risk, improve governance and reduce complexity, with dynamic dashboards and data analytics on a single collaborative platform.