Intelligent, resilient, and resource-full cities and territories.

For managers of territorial and urban projects, 3DEXPERIENCity® offers game changing innovation to manage territorial complexity, ease the challenges of multi-stakeholder collaboration, and optimize the sharing of data across disciplinary silos to enable territories to transform themselves and become more sustainable, resilient, and resource-full. Supporting tasks from planning for a new urban district to managing the ongoing operations of an existing campus, 3DEXPERIENCity® leverages the power of Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE® platform to bring together a wide range of territorial data with our industry-leading analytical, modeling, simulation and lifecycle management capabilities. 3DEXPERIENCity® uses a data-rich semantic 3D model to enable ‘what if’ scenario planning to test new projects and support research into optimized solutions for urban and infrastructure planning, logistics and territorial management, and environmental adaption.


Success story

Virtual Singapore

See how 3DEXPERIENCity supports the work of governmental leaders, citizens, businesses, and the research community to collaborate in building a smart, sustainable, resilient, and prosperous Singapore.

4 minutes 48

Benefits of 3DEXPERIENCity®

  • Holistic view of urban and territorial processes

    Federate all data into a ‘single source of truth’ so that interactions between subsystems can be visualized and managed for efficient, effective growth.

  • Optimize project success

    Visualize projects in immersive 3D context models to build consensus on new projects and ensure that new work is done ‘right the first time’, reducing costs due to delay and uncertainty.

  • Manage volatility in the development market

    Leverage risk analysis and conduct ‘what if’ scenario simulations to gain insight into the impacts of future development choices.

  • Accelerate planning and construction processes

    Achieve efficiency in project planning, coordination and scheduling by utilizing centralized GIS and city information data for future work.

  • Gain visibility and insight

    Gather user and device data to visualize interactions, virtualize processes and optimize future performance of urban and territorial systems.


Maximize resident satisfaction and the effectiveness of governance and management while enhancing the attractiveness of the urban and territorial experience.

Success story

Virtual Rennes

Discover how Dassault Systemes helps Rennes Metropole plan new infrastructure and development to enable smart growth while helping the community to achieve their sustainability and smart growth goals.

2 minutes 47