Building Systems Engineering

Author and model all systems related to building project or product design

available on premise

Taking advantage of CATIA’s existing Piping and HVAC applications, Electrical raceway rounds out this role to empower building systems engineers to design and model a complete building for prefabrication, manufacturing and construction. Engineers can design and deploy custom or standard parametric MEP components compliant with industry standards (IFC) and virtually assemble the building in its entirety before construction begins.  Schematic engineer role allows a complete integrated workflow that links systems architecture definitions through to detailed 3D electrical & fluidic systems design. CFD fluid dynamics engineer provides designers and design engineers with the ability to validate fluid and thermal performance for internal/external flows and conjugate heat transfer problems.



  • 3D design of routed systems
  • 3D design of wire harness and cabling
  • Systems schematic design of functional and logical architecture
  • CFD fluid analysis
  • Intuitive and powerful algorithmic generative modeling
  • Knowledge-driven automation
  • Extensive scalability
  • Building component libraries
  • Design collaboration and coordination
  • Integrated terrain import and creation
  • Immersive and visual experience creation