Optimized Construction

Eliminate waste and address issues before they become problems. Simulate construction processes and establish a single 3D version of the truth.

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Optimized Construction, an industry solution experience powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, creates a single source of truth for construction projects. Leveraging the collaborative, cloud-based, integrated BIM environment, project delivery teams are able to simulate, optimize, and manage prefabrication, on-site assembly, equipment, labor, and costs with this solution. Optimized Construction has proven to significantly reduce the waste and rework found in the traditional construction process, increase visibility, and yield big rewards for project owners and stakeholders.

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Benefits of Optimized Construction

  • Integrated project backbone

    A collaboration-based platform integrates all project details into a master schedule and establishes a centralized hub for all project and data management.

  • Real-time project visibility

    Review your dashboard for up-to-the-minute progress of all tasks and receive notifications with every document update, from design to fabrication to installation.

  • 4D construction planning

    Simulate and optimize all construction processes to establish a 4D model that will ensure all stakeholders fully understand how the project elements will be delivered.

  • Reduced waste and improve performance

    Develop a realistic, executable plan to minimize waste based on the true state of the project.

Adopt Optimized Construction

The mission to eliminate waste is achieved by simulating construction processes, addressing issues before they become problems, and establishing a single 3D version of the truth to keep everyone in sync.

Success story

Simulating Complex Construction Processes: SFEG Customer Story

Watch how the Shanghai Foundation Engineering Group (SFEG) team was able to plan, simulate and optimize the entire process of constructing the Chenta Bridge in advance of construction.

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