Respect the Art

Architecture is a creative pursuit. To build something beautiful and to make a positive impact on the built environment are the rewards sought by those called to the profession.

The Dawn of a Design Moment

Creativity is unleashed. Generative design, accessible automation, digital continuity and collaboration on the cloud usher in a powerful new era of Building Experience Modeling.

Conquer the competitive design framework

Inflexible tools, limited information, and tight timeframes obstruct the creative process and degrade the quality of presented solutions during design competitions. Communications with the project owner can be ambiguous or otherwise hindered, undermining confidence in a given model or risking a misinterpretation of requirements or aesthetic preferences. Too much time is consumed by non-value-added tasks—like turning iterations, tracking parameters, maintaining accuracy, and converting files—leaving design teams hamstrung and precluded from unleashing their full creative capacity.

Fortunately, 3D Modeling, automation scripts, collaborative platforms, and parametric tools allow design and construction teams to:

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Expand creative possibilities
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Multiply iteration capabilities
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Integrate material intelligence
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Respond to new requirements as they develop

Creativity x Reality x Flexibility

Overcome barriers to achieve total creative flexibility. Gain an entirely fresh competitive advantage—and design with more certainty, more confidence, more creative variation. Today’s solutions offer meticulous design precision, parametric tools, and digital continuity.

Automation speeds up the iteration process for rapid feedback cycles. More importantly, the collective intelligence of key project contributors strengthens the design and fortifies the intent with substance.

Success story

Digital Tools Help Bring Out the Beauty of Natural Materials

Kengo Kuma, a Japanese architect with a body of work that surpasses national boundaries, has made a name for himself with his innovative use of shapes, unique creative voice, and focus on organic materials like wood and bamboo. From Kumas perspective, computerized architecture plays a vital role in making that vision a reality.


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Its so nice to be able to bring everything together in parametric terms. Its almost like theres nothing you cant make.

Tomohiro Matsunaga
Lead engineer for 3D modeling, Kengo Kuma & Associates

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