1. Sustainable, Secure and Resilient Future

Sustainable, Secure and Resilient Future

For cities to remain vibrant entities, they must be continuously renewed and revitalized, and have the ability to replenish resources. 

Harness the power of the virtual world to see and transform the future

Ensure a resourceful future for your city, organization, operation, or business

Governments, agencies, operators and industry must better understand their cities, sites, operations, and resources to secure their future and realize their full potential. To do so, they must make plans to ensure they have the required resources (natural, human, and infrastructure), to continuously revitalize themselves, and to respond to disasters, environmental changes, and threats to security.

Achieving this requires modeling above and beneath the surface, quantifying the resources on hand today, asking “what if” to explore potential scenarios, and maximizing how you use and replenish resources for tomorrow.

To reveal a city or entity’s potential and plan for the future:

Establish a single source of truth, a digital referential to enable modeling above and beneath the surface.
Manage complexity and leverage dynamic models to collect data from everywhere for planning and design.
Develop the right model for your needs: City Information Models, Geological/Resource Models, and Operations Models.
Leverage real-to-virtual, virtual-to-real-world learning to innovate and improve.
Simulate and prepare for unexpected economic, environmental, safety, or security-related disruptions.
Use scenario planning and simulation to ideate, envision, and test plans to make cities, sites, and operations more resilient while improving ROI.

Understand today to plan for tomorrow

With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform you create a “3DEXPERIENCE twin” of your city, operation or site, based on a single source of truth digital referential. Using real world data and this virtual referential, you can imagine and play with ideas to deliver better plans, and understand the impact of various disruptions. City planners use analytics and simulations to build understanding and test tactics that best support territorial resiliency and community preparedness.

Success story

Virtual Singapore

See how 3DEXPERIENCity supports the work of governmental leaders, citizens, businesses, and the research community to collaborate in building a smart, sustainable, resilient, and prosperous Singapore.

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