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FOSSIL Group selects Dassault Systèmes solutions

Business Challenge

Create Exceptional Customer Experiences

Consumers want more than products and services, they want experiences. Fashion brands need to conquer the consumer's imagination and deliver great experiences to win their loyalty and business. One way is by enabling them to personalize their products to express their individual preferences, which will ultimately procure the most satisfaction.

Business Challenge

Increase Market Share

To thrive in today’s economy, fashion brands need to enhance their brand identity and differentiate themselves from their competitors. By linking with their consumers, creating products with more value and multiplying their sales channels, they attract more business and grow their market share.

Business Challenge

Ensure Environmental Compliance and Product Sustainability

Ensuring your products comply with environmental and safety standards to improve your company's image with consumers and lowers overall risks. Sustainable design, development and sourcing practices must therefore be deployed, duplicated and adopted across the supply chain to avoid market delivery mishaps.

Business Challenge

Increase Margin

Developing winning products and delivering them to your consumers requires efficient development, production and inventory management. Unforeseen errors can result in delivery delays, expensive re-dos and product recalls that gnaw away at margins.

Business Challenge

Improve Operational Efficiency

To boost operational efficiency, fashion companies need to streamline their operations to minimize waste in all key processes. The results are reduced costs and the elimination of redundant, time-consuming activities that devour creativity and innovation.