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3D Design and Product Management for Engineered Products

Business Challenge

Improve Customer Loyalty and Experiences

Today's consumers define new trends at record speed. Brands need to keep up to stay in the game. Good quality products, once a top priority for consumers, are no longer enough. Brands need to create stellar experiences to catch their attention and win their loyalty. But how do they know what consumers like? Through social ideation: forging new ideas by collaboratively exchanging with one's consumers using a web-based platform. It removes the silos often erected between a brand and its external ecosystem, resulting in sustained consumer business and loyalty.

Business Challenge

Increase Productivity

Increasing competition requires brands to improve their efficiency and productivity. Since brands outsource many of their activities to external design and production teams, they need to communicate and manage all links in their value chain with speed and accuracy to meet cost and delivery targets and gain a competitive advantage. For design, production and supplier input using 3D tools and PLM enables teams to conceive, manufacture and collaborate better, helping them run smoother operations, which translates into across-the-board savings.

Business Challenge

Build With Higher Quality and Lower Cost

Aggressive competition and rapidly changing market preferences mean brands must release products that meet the quality and cost objectives of their consumers. Releasing low-quality products to market can result in missed business opportunities that can have dire consequences on a brand's reputation and bottom line. 3D digital design and early simulation of product manufacturability and use help validate product reliability and quality while avoiding late-stage errors that can delay production and ultimately the release of new products to market.

Business Challenge

Improve Collaboration

A single version of the truth enables stakeholders to seamlessly exchange information and improve collaboration between project teams. With better collaboration, brands make the right decisions, zeroing in on the best solutions that are based on the most accurate and up-to-date version of a product. This is because they have better visibility of their global operations.

Business Challenge

Accelerate Time-To-Market

The consumer goods industry is a global, interconnected network of designers, suppliers and stores that must seamlessly work together to accelerate delivery of new home products to market. Through improved collaboration across all key processes, brands avoid bottlenecks, make better, more-informed decisions and bring their goods to consumers ahead of their competition.