My Design Connectors

Let creative designers work in their natural environment and integrate results into the value chain

My Design Connectors gives creative design and technical design teams the freedom to work with the design tools they prefer, increasing adoption and productivity. Powerful and seamless integration with Adobe Illustrator® enables them to leverage the power of centralized libraries for colors, materials, trims, washes, labels and more directly within Adobe®. Artboards and layers can be saved directly to products and placeholders, or used to create new ones. Designers can even begin the BOM-creation process all from within their familiar design environment – while taking full advantage of PLM’s version control and collaborative capabilities. Benefit from multi-cad connectors to better integrate results into the value chain.

With My Design Connectors, your designers’ creative process is supported and enhanced while enabling better early visibility and collaboration with extended teams in product development and sourcing.

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