My Design

Create, engineer, simulate, manage and share your products in 3D

In a world where trends evolve at record speed, brands need to encourage collaboration to leverage the creative and technical talents of their teams to create winning products.

My Design covers the full process from creative design to industrialization and sales. Designers, engineers and simulation experts have 24/7/365 access to information on the integrated 3DEXPERIENCE® platform to seamlessly collaborate to explore ideas and test for quality, safety, performance, look and feel. Creative designers have intuitive 3D sketching and design tools with clay-like modeling features for a volumetric experience with the ability to push, pinch and pull a model to get a precise 3D form with high-quality surfaces. They have powerful rendering features to realistically represent a product in its best light to customers and marketing staff complete with textures, materials and shadow control. Engineers can interact with designers to fine-tune designs to functional requirements. Project management features keep projects on track while intuitive dashboards provide managers with real-time visual control of project status.

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Benefits of My Design

  • New design perspectives

    Explore new ideas and shape innovative products faster through efficient collaboration.

  • Less physical prototypes

    Reduce costly and time-consuming physical prototypes.

  • High-end rendering

    Provide high-end 3D rendering with advanced materials and textures, interactive illumination and real-time ray tracing.

  • Manage and share datas

    Securely store and manage data, and share visual assets including product information and 2D / 3D content.

  • Powerful communication

    Improve internal and external communication with robust data management capabilities and accurate product documentation.

My Design

My Design is Dassault Systèmes' solution that covers the full design process from creative design to industrialization and sales. Designers, engineers and simulation experts can collaborate, explore new ideas and perform tests. It includes intuitive 3D sketching and design tools, powerful rendering features, project management features to keep projects on track.

Success story

Furniture Design

Discover how an office chair was successfully designed and developed through My Design.

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