My Demand Planning

Improve revenue, margin and customer experience through accurate forecast of potential demand

Good demand forecasting is a prerequisite for efficient logistics and manufacturing planning yet in a volatile market where consumers’ expectations fluctuate at amazing speed. Predicting demand is not only important, it is vital to a company’s competitive edge. Brands need to take into account historical sales data and incorporate trends to make informed decisions about which markets to target and with which products. With accurate forecasting across all channels, categories and locations, they can optimize their supply chain processes and costs thereby promoting growth and boosting their bottom line.

With My Demand Planning application, companies can improve their understanding of historical sales data, market trends, events, weather patterns and customer demands so that they can better predict and manage how they fulfill customer requirements.

Market trends are captured from multiple sources like studies or specialized companies while My Operations’ powerful algorithms render manual and time-consuming calculations obsolete. My Demand Planning delivers flexible and attributes-based navigation, data import capabilities, workflow support and integration of events, providing users with a refined view of the market that enables them to make more informed decisions.

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