My Production Planning

Adapt to shifting consumer demand through agile production planning

Once manufacturers have an accurate assessment of market demand and customer orders and have defined their supplier planning, they need to create the master schedule in which suppliers’ operations are defined in detail. This can include if and when materials and trims are available or what equipment is needed at any given time, per supplier. Based on information such as available transportation options, incoming orders, and a list of suppliers they can rely on, the master schedule allows manufacturers to make commitments to their customers with confidence.

My Production Planning does a thorough review into individual supplier schedules and project status by tracking each operation at each supplier such as if the necessary material arrived on time, how much has been produced on any given day or if the equipment is out of order. Potential problems are highlighted, which allows companies to seek other solutions to meet their delivery commitments. Planners have Gantt charts with all scheduled work orders per equipment related to productivity and delivery performance. With inputs like customer orders with due dates, inventory levels, resource capacities, target safety stocks and scheduling information, My Production Planning can dynamically re-plan all work and production orders along with associated delivery dates using advanced algorithms. And if a new rush order comes in that affects the current planning, companies can reschedule their operations to optimize KPIs.

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