My Supply Planning

Improve margin with operational excellence, matching capacity to forecast sales

In today’s volatile business environment, Consumer Goods and Retail decision-makers must improve control of their supply chains to quickly react to changes in requirements and trends. They need to assess the impact their decisions have on their supply chains and bottom line costs. Do they need to restructure their supply chains or optimize product mix to maximize profits? Should brands invest in new plant equipment or not? To answer these questions, manufacturers need better visibility into their supply chain’s inventory and more precise control over stock levels.

With My Supply Planning application, decision-makers are able to determine if they are able to fulfill a demand because they know the capacity of each entity in their supply chain. Based on KPIs and what-if scenarios, My Supply Planning highlights customer orders that cannot be fulfilled in the current state of the supply chain, enabling companies to make the necessary adjustments in a timely manner. If any changes are envisioned, My Supply Planning analyzes their impact on profits and total sales before any changes are actually made. Retailers and brands can review supply chain capacities to detect bottlenecks that might prevent them from honoring their commitments.

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