My Product Portfolio

3D design and product management for engineered products

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Consumers’ lifestyles influence the goods they buy. Seasonal or event-related (birthdays, holidays, or for the promotion of a new film) demand is ‘now’ and short-lived. Brands must be quick to respond to stay in the game. More connected and better-informed, consumers want exceptional experiences and will take time to compare with competing offers. From concept to consumer, brands need tighter control of their supply chain to deliver the right products to the right market in a timely manner.

My Product Portfolio is dedicated to the creation of innovative consumer goods. Brands can engage in social innovation by connecting with consumers to deliver the products they want. Through a virtual environment and powerful 3D design tools, they create and validate their designs, as well as program and simulate their manufacturing processes to test early for manufacturability. With My Product Portfolio, companies have a scalable solution that grows as their business requirements evolve.

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Benefits of My Product Portfolio

  • Collaboration with stakeholders

    Improve the productivity with integrated applications on a collaborative platform for better communication between all stakeholders.

  • Efficient engineering

    Increase engineering efficiency by reducing the need for physical prototypes and ensuring manufacturability.

  • Efficient manufacturing

    Reduce development and manufacturing time and costs.

  • Fast time-to-market

    Improve business processes to accelerate product launch and deliver on-time and on-budget.

  • Deployment taylored to SMB

    Solutions available on premise or on cloud for fast deployment for small and medium businesses.

Adopt Perfect Consumer Product

A solution dedicated to Home and Lifestyle companies to streamline design and development to delight consumers

Success story

Launching products faster and better

Nowy Styl Group has selected Dassault Systèmes' solutions to design, develop and deliver more innovative products and accelerate new product introductions.


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“Dassault Systèmes’ industry solution experience helps our technical department, personnel, partners and suppliers better communicate and monitor and detect issues early in the development process to optimize product quality.  These capabilities reduce development and manufacturing time and costs and improve our time to market.”

Tomasz Bardzik
CTO, Nowy Styl Group