My Production

Production optimization and supply chain agility

available on premise

Today, consumer goods and retail companies must intelligently leverage their global production network to meet consumers’ changing demand. They need the flexibility to juggle between production sites and to choose the one(s) most suited for the job. They need to monitor plant activity to reorganize production if unexpected issues arise while ensuring product quality and compliance with requirements and regulations. They need to adopt cost-effective manufacturing solutions.

My Production covers the end-to-end manufacturing needs of consumer goods companies. With this solution, brands can identify and organize production based on customer requirements and plant availability and capacity. They have powerful tools to design and manufacture the most appropriate tooling for their products. Technical and marketing documentation can be rapidly created using native 2D and 3D design data. And they can monitor production lines, equipment efficiency and output in real-time, allowing them to intervene quickly to resolve any issues that can put schedules at risk.

With My Production, companies improve their competitive edge by releasing quality products to market, while complying with their cost and scheduling imperatives.

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Benefits of My Production

  • Digital continuity

    Digital continuity improves collaboration between product and tooling design.

  • Efficient manufacturing

    Reduce development and manufacturing time and costs thanks to data associativity.

  • Time saving

    Reduce the time needed to generate plant-specific production instructions.

  • Live monitoring

    Intelligent dashboarding features for real-time monitoring of production facilities.

  • 3D simulation

    Verify manufacturability through virtual simulation.

My Production

My Production is Dassault Systèmes' solution covering end-to-end manufacturing processes. Tailored to the Consumer Goods and Retail industry, My Production provides powerful tools to design and manufacture the most appropriate tooling while monitoring production lines, equipment efficiency and output in real-time.