My Mold and Tooling

Reduce time and cost on complex tooling design by up to 70%

Delivering quality products to market puts pressure not only on product designers but on tooling designers as well. While the two disciplines often work separately using dedicated tools, they can save time and costs by collaborating as early as possible so that designs on both sides can benefit from their respective expertise. This helps ensure product manufacturability and the high level of quality consumers expect.

My Mold and Tooling addresses the mold and tooling design challenges of consumer goods manufacturers. It delivers a totally integrated end-to-end solution that reduces tooling definition cycle times and overall production costs. Tooling engineers work with the latest product models to define the tooling that is as close to the product geometry as possible. This results in less material waste and lower costs. Since both disciplines work in the same environment – the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform – they can advance in parallel and collaborate to fine-tune designs, which helps avoid potential formability and demolding issues that can damage products.

Associativity between product and tooling data enable each discipline to benefit from automatic updates when one or the other is modified. My Mold and Tooling delivers best-in-class surface machining quality and collision-free tool paths and the ability to capitalize this information in templates for future reuse, thereby cutting programming time for new projects.

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