My Web Theatre

Engage consumers online with innovative options to configure and personalize their ultimate product

With My Web Theatre, brands can showcase their complete collection online with stunning visual quality. A powerful visual web configurator allows them to present all possible combinations of variants, materials, colors and accessories as well as pricing or performance characteristics with a high level of interactivity. All product data resides on the 3DEXPERIENCE® business platform promoting information consistency and reducing the complexity and cost of sustaining a coherent offering across markets. Brands are empowered to build region-specific special editions and sales campaigns for more precise targeting.

Consumers can configure their personalized products online using interactive visual elements with photorealistic real-time rendering. Products are displayed depending on available inventory and deliveries can be quoted based on realistic lead times. Consumers can save visual assets like images or videos for use at other retail touch points, or share them with friends via social media. They can choose between pre-rendered images or real-time rendering depending on their internet connectivity. This helps ensure a fast and smooth consumer experience on their device.

Included in My Retail Theatre

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