3D Content Collaboration

Manage products displays in 3D with a single source of the truth

Designing a store layout can be a frustrating experience if it doesn’t support the physical collection once the products arrive. Merchants, space planners and category managers could make better decisions and even adjust the evolving assortments, if they could preview the store and the products earlier, using a virtual environment. And that ensures an assortment, and a store, with the best possible impact and results.

3D Content Collaboration is proof that a picture is worth a thousand words. With this industry process experience, the shopping environment is represented as a 3D virtual model with impressive realism. Content created in 3D can be combined with high-quality photographs or Adobe Illustrator® images and rendered together as 3D models. Digitally representing an assortment before physically taking delivery of items throughout the store, or even before committing to production, avoids expensive and time-consuming assortment failures and improves ROI.

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