My Shopping Experience

Efficiently capture and communicate the merchandiser’s vision of what the store should look like

Retailers need to communicate not just the precise instructions on how stores should be laid out but the environment for the merchandise based on consumer preferences and feedback. A delightful shopping experience, brand equity consistency and operational compliance can be achieved through 3D lifelike experiences. Testing a store prior to making expensive production commitments yield huge benefits. After laying out a store, internal teams or even external consumer focus groups can connect to the store through the web for a virtual walk-through of the shopping experience.

With My Shopping Experience consumers can browse the various departments and test-buy products providing merchants with valuable information on a proposed collection before actually triggering production or stocking the store with real inventory. My Shopping Experience helps identify consumer preferences that influence the assortments and the way they are positioned throughout the store. Local stores benefit from a 3D walk-through to support the planograms they receive. My Shopping Experience efficiently captures and communicates the merchandiser’s vision of what the store should look like.

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