Product Innovation

Innovation, as an organization culture, is critical to the ongoing survival and success of any company.

Never Stand Still With Innovation

Because Great Innovation has no Boundaries.

Creating the best product for tomorrow

More connected and better-informed than ever, consumers want the latest features and will take time to investigate and to compare different product and brand offerings. Brands must also innovate on two fronts: globally, because word gets around fast in a socially-connected world, and locally, because products must satisfy cultural differences and tastes. And companies must manage these differences while maintaining consistent brand image and value from one country to the next.

Striving for ongoing improvement to:

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React quickly to transformation in consumer behavior and the competitive landscape.
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Create brand advocacy through innovation.
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Build your competitive advantage by being first to market.

Capitalizing your best talent

Digital transformation, digital creation and the value of data and intelligence are key to create winning products and experiences. Only by fully taking advantage of the entire range of possibilities you'll be able to provide the most relevant, consumer-focused products possible.

The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform helps consumer goods companies to harness collaboration, design and simulate products in 3D but also to shorten their new production introduction cycle. This unique virtual environment help companies to deliver the right products to the right locations at the right price.

Success story

Designing an innovative product from initial concept to the detailed parts

Discover the amazing journey of “Nestor”, a Smart Kitchen Robot, from initial market trends and customer requirements, to freeform and detail design.

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"From the creation of the first concept to the finished parts and the general assembly of the product, the essential tool, beyond the pencil, is 3D."

Tony Parez-Edo
Industrial Designer, Dassault Systèmes

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