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How can technology shape the Future of Retail?

Discover how retail will change over the next decades.

Business Challenge

Increase Traffic and Conversion Rate

In the fast-moving world of consumer goods, retailers need new ways to engage with their consumers. By allowing consumers to digitally personalize their products, retailers improve their online channels. By creating new in-store experiences like immersive showrooms or touchscreen-based systems displaying product specifications, cost and availability in real-time, retailers drive more traffic to physical stores.

Business Challenge

Improve Sell-Through

Retailers across all product categories are pressured to satisfy their consumers. Even with fluctuating demand they have to make the right assortment and bring the right products, to the right market at the right time. Intelligent planning solutions provide a powerful planning environment and real-time access to information for the entire value chain.

Business Challenge

Improve Consumer Experience

Consumers have an exceptional shopping experience when they have that “wow” moment. It ensures repeat visits and loyalty. Merchandisers need to communicate a compelling brand persona to shoppers. They must have a vision for the way they want their stores to look and deploy that vision in a multi-channel environment. The goal is to deliver a unique and stellar shopping experience that will maximize sales and have a direct topline impact.

Business Challenge

Reduce Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

In the retail industry, consumers are always expecting better products and faster delivery. Retailers are always under pressure for both value and time, looking at cost breakdowns from their suppliers, trying to get materials leverage by combining purchases across brands or products. They need solutions to support the sourcing for all markets and categories.

Business Challenge

Improve Brand Equity

Today, consumers want to engage directly with brands to express their unique tastes and identity. They demand new shopping experiences tailored to new media and new levels of personalization. To improve their equity, brands and retailers need new ways to engage with their consumers to learn more about their preferences. By offering an extended assortment and allowing consumers to personalize their products online or offline, retailers and brands can get the insights they seek, while consumers get to buy the product they really want.