Supplier Collaboration

Implement an efficient supply chain strategy to shorten time to market and get closer to consumer.

Open up new perspectives with social collaboration

Discover a technology that provides structure and inspires creativity

Improve operational efficiency

Consumer goods brands and retailers manage complex supply chains with a variety of participants as agents, finished goodssuppliers, component and materials suppliers, test labs, auditors and other. This supply chain must be orchestrated well to enable the delivery of consumer products with accelerated time to market and competitive prices. Efficient supply chain collaboration is the key to shorten time to market and to get closer to consumers closing the gap between what is produced and the market wants. Additionally, it increases operational efficiency and lowers the cost to survive in competitive markets.

Leveraging intelligent planning:

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Improve revenue, margin and customer experience through accurate forecast of potential demand.
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Improve margin with operational excellence, matching capacity to forecast sales.
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Adapt to shifting consumer demand through agile production planning.
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Intelligent logistics planning as a cost and service differentiator.

Reinventing the supply chain and partnerships

Consumer goods brands and retailers need to react on global competitive pressure while managing a complex supply chain. Mastering an integrated global supply chain is the prerequisite of economic success for these kind of companies. The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform provides companies with quick and efficient access to up-to-date and trustworthy data from multiple, heterogeneous sources. This unique environment enables supply chain collaboration across all involved companies. Speed to market is unlocked and supply chain risk is managed with a single source of truth.

Success story

Launching products faster and better

LF Corp adopted Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform and My Collection industry solution experience to support real-time collaboration, and to manage its development processes and design data.

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"LF now has a new environment in which it can rapidly produce and deliver new products reflecting market trends in a variety of materials and comprising a wide range of design details.”

Jong Sahm Park

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