1. Fall back in love with manufacturing

Fall back in love with manufacturing

Has Production Complexity Put Your Love for Manufacturing on the Rocks?

It used to be so simple. You manufactured consumer packaged goods, and you loved it. Sure, forecasting was a challenge, but you always managed to pull it off. But people change. Or in this case, manufacturing changed.

It became so complicated, with consumers constantly changing their preferences, product life cycles getting shorter, markets everywhere expecting local versions of global products, plants and key decision makers spread all over the world, and everyone looking at you, saying, “Faster!” Who wouldn’t start to think, “Maybe this relationship isn’t working”?

We’re here to tell you it’s not time for a breakup. Far from it. Your passion for manufacturing can be rekindled, and we’ve gathered just the resources to get your relationship back on track.

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Learn to Love Manufacturing Complexity in Our eBook

It takes more than a few short paragraphs to tell you how to fix your relationship with manufacturing. It takes a whole eBook to do that. Fortunately, we’ve written it, and it’s called Embrace Production Complexity: 5 Ways to Drive Value with Digitalization. It’s a thorough eBook that describes 5 important ways our digital platform will help you make the right thing at the right time, consistently. Because every great love story needs a hero. And you’re about to be it.

eBook: How to Embrace Production Complexity
5 Ways Digitalization Drives New Value

Flexible Manufacturing and 4 More Critical Capabilities for Success

Falling back in love with manufacturing is going to take some work. Today’s consumers are diverse, demanding, connected — you could even call them high maintenance. To succeed at giving consumers what they want, when they want it, companies need to master these 5 Capabilities for Global Manufacturing Success. Flexible production is one of them. Click to see the rest.


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5 Capabilities for Global Manufacturing Success
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5 Capabilities for Global Manufacturing Success
CPGR Listicle: 5 Capabilities for Global Manufacturing Success

Why Your Complex Manufacturing System Needs to be Agile

Consumer product manufacturing has become more complicated and demanding than ever. Manufacturing technology alone isn’t the solution. Falling in love with manufacturing again is going to require a whole new approach. It’s called agile manufacturing, and it’s the key to success in a modern world where lean manufacturing is essential. View our infographic to see how agile manufacturing can boost your operation.

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 Infographic: How does Agile Manufacturing Work?
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Infographic: How does Agile Manufacturing Work?
Infographic:How does Agile Manufacturing Work?

Laboratoires M&L Improves Natural Cosmetics Compliancy

Looking for a way to optimize production and logistic operations, improve time-to-market, as well as anticipate issues earlier? Learn from the leading global companies who have successfully implemented new technology to address these challenges. 

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