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Improving In-Store Planogram Execution and Compliance

The greatest planogram in the world does not translate into increased sales if it is not executed at retail. In the CPG & Retail Industry, improving in-store planogram execution and compliance with the merchandising strategies is an exercise that never seems to stop with retailers. Planograms can fall out of compliance at the rate of 10% per week as a result of human interaction at the shelf, price tags being moved, product being misplaced or simply implementing the plan incorrectly. The cost of non-compliance for general retailers is in the range of $10 - $15 billion in lost sales every year.


Efficiently Designing a Better Retail Store Experience

The retail landscape is shifting from places where products are purchased to places where they are experienced. To deliver on high shopper expectations and to drive store traffic, retailers allocate resources to optimize the productivity of categories and brands. This includes spending money on in-store marketing, store signage, planogram localization, etc. But how can you truly evaluate new ideas before spending the resources to support them?


Executing Merchandising Changes With Speed and Efficiency

Communication between headquarters and retail store operations can be challenging. It's not easy to get dozens, hundreds, or sometimes thousands of stores to make quick and accurate merchandising changes. Communication via paper plans can be slow and retail store operations often have so many assignments to complete that they have to prioritize only the ones that they deem critical. But imagine if a general retailer could implement fast and efficiently to keep shelf strategy and execution fresh and relevant for shoppers....what could that be worth?

With Perfect Shelf, we have designed a new segmentation and validated it at the point of sale in a third of the time.

Loic Le Du
Business Manager, Intermarche

Meeting the Increasing High Demands of Today's Shoppers

Shoppers continually want more personalized shopping experiences. One way retailers can deliver on this is to implement localized planograms based on geographic tastes and preference and the demographics of the local population. This can be time-consuming to design and inefficient to implement. And how do retailers respond when the shopper wants to receive products differently? Direct to home, order online/pick-up in store....these are emerging models that retailers will need to execute.

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