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Expand and modify portfolios to support health and wellness trends and manage regulatory compliance efficiently.

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Consumers are becoming more proactive about their health and this is being reflected in the brands they support, the ingredients they believe in, and the products they purchase. As consumers demand 'healthy' and 'sustainable' products, governments have reacted by implementing more regulations regarding products in order to protect consumers.

CPG companies are reacting in several ways. Many are evaluating all their current product formulas (and packaging) as well as identifying ways to expand their portfolios so they will be even more on trend. This is causing a mountain of reformulation work as well as increasing the complexity of managing a mountain of regulatory data.

Find the fastest path to formula optimization and compliance:

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Use raw materials substitution to manage costs and stay on-trend with consumers.
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Deliver customized products with accelerated time to market and competitive prices.
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Win more business and increase your ROI with the capacity to mass produce economically and efficiently.

Consumer will reward companies who help them live healthier

Health and wellness trends have driven massive impact in the food and beverage, beauty, household product, and product packaging markets. Those companies which can react and keep their portfolios on-trend will be disproportionately rewarded with consumer loyalty.

Solutions from the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform enable teams to understand consumer needs, design and test the formula for efficacy and manufacturability, optimize its cost using raw materials substitutions, ensure that it complies with regulatory requirements, and analyze how it performs in the market.

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Challenges for the food and beverage industry

Acting with speed and staying current with consumer trends, package labeling and regulations is critical for food and beverage manufacturers.

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