Formula Development

Accelerate creation and design of formulas to meet product specifications

Product formulators have the daunting task of creating high quality formulas that are regulatory compliant, on-cost, and delivered fast. Leveraging powerful digital tools can ease the burden of these critical tasks and get optimized formulas to market more quickly.   The Formula Development solution provides a single source of truth for formulas, intermediate formulas, raw materials, substances and processes. The digital environment improves productivity by avoiding manual calculations, errors and the use of separate spreadsheets. Formulas are designed within a regulated environment which visually highlights any ingredient change which violates a regulatory compliance rule. A powerful, configurable engine analyzed the formula to the lowest substances and creates region-specific label text. Formulas can be designed to specific cost targets by leveraging lower priced ingredient alternatives based on global and plant-specific cost data. Comprehensively managing nutrition facts, material composition, allergen information and recipe bill-of-materials is easily done with the use of the digital platform.