Ideation Management

Leverage social collaboration to brainstorm, review and approve the best ideas

Product managers need to understand the customer needs and social collaboration is the best way to achieve this -- where everyone can share and develop ideas to obtain a deep understanding of needs, wants and priorities. When you collaborate with engineering, information sharing must be clear, unambiguous, and well-managed...and this must be done in a more structured way. The Ideation Management solution leverages the 3DEXPERIENCE ® platform to source, brainstorm, review and approve ideas in a collaborative environment so the company can push forward the absolute best ideas. Dashboards provide updates of the ideation funnel, connects with users through social listening and uses a visual experience that is intuitive and mobile friends. With Ideation Management, a company can tap into the vast knowledge within an organization in a structured way so ideas go from good to great in a short amount of time.