Perfect Lab

Transform lab processes and accelerate innovation

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Innovation can be severely hampered by antiquated, inefficient lab processes. Paper recordkeeping makes data hard to find and impossible to share. Experiments are repeated unnecessarily. Time is wasted searching for past experiment data. It all adds up to additional time and increased costs. Perfect Lab provides CPG product laboratories with tools to help transform lab processes to improve productivity and bring rapid, game-changing innovation to market faster. Perfect Lab is relevant for companies in the food and beverage, household, beauty and chemical segments of the CPG industry.

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Benefits of Perfect Lab

  • Reduce physical testing by up to 50%

    Create a digital database of research experimentation data so you can avoid costly experiment "repeats".

  • Reduce raw materials usage by up to 30%

    Utlizing accurate inventory visibility, precious raw materials usage can be reduced.

  • Accelerate innovation by up to 20-30%

    Accelerate the innovation process by reducing effort needed for documentation and improving collaboration between people involved in the formulation development process.

  • Effortless compliance

    Automate chemical inventory management and reduce safety and regulatory risks while improving compliance and audit scores.

  • Eliminate "dark data" from the lab

    Streamline lab processes on a single platform to eliminate paper recordkeeping and create comprehensive digital data management.

Adopt Perfect Lab

Empower laboratory workflow from planning to reporting and speed up the overall process, reduce operating cotss, and significantly reduce bottlenecks